5 Keys To Promoting Rural Development With Meaning

The involvement of the agents of the territory and understanding that rural areas are part of a system fundamental key to promoting rural development

Education level

In order for the population to develop new initiatives and bet on new economic models, it is essential that the population base has the highest possible educational level. It is more interesting from the point of view of development, a high% of the population with a medium-high level than a low% of the population with high degrees. For there to be development, ideas must flow, creating collaborations between equals.

Population diversity

Putting at the service of rural development, the diversity of the population where everyone can contribute experiences that they bring from other countries and from other territories makes the territory propose new actions and new ways to get the most out of the territory. Take advantage of human resources for rural development.

Collective identity

Working for the development of a territory cannot come only from the competent administration, the sense of belonging to a territory fundamentally to project values โ€‹โ€‹, and uniqueness. Working participation with groups and generating that identity and collective commitment is essential for the sustainability of the territory.

Collaborative Culture

Transmitting values โ€‹โ€‹of collaboration, cooperation from the most basic educational levels will allow us to weave connection networks where one thinks of the CO culture, a social culture that takes advantage of all the resources for the benefit of the community, generating collective wealth.

Planning and Strategy

It is essential to establish a plan, a roadmap where everyone is important, and where the needs of the entire population are taken into account. Understand that the results are long term and that any small success will have been worth it.

If we manage to create environments where we project a good quality of life, both from a personal and economic point of view, we will be able to attract population to our territories and new economic opportunities. For this, we must bet on the high competitiveness of the territory and good visibility towards the outside, having a defined identity and a unique value that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the territories.